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Children's car hire for Melbourne birthday parties

The Setup is all about ensuring the little ones of Melbourne have an absolute blast on their birthdays. Nothing is more important to us than providing the very best and most exciting play equipment, food makers and furnishings to create an atmosphere of joy and vibrant celebration.

With this in mind, we provide kids car hire for budding motorists to have outrageously fun driving experiences. Fully-powered, drivable Mercedes and other models, these are those memorable foot-to-floor moments.

Safe for little ones to enjoy for hours on end, check out their specifications and see why they are one of the most impressive things you could bring to your child's birthday.

Children's car hire for the best birthday imaginable

These key dates are one of the most important days in a young family’s calendar. Look back to when you were a youngster and how much you enjoyed the fun and love of these special occasions.

Jumping castles, ball pits, merry-go-rounds – all of this contributed towards creating the perfect birthday party. Nowadays, our little ones have it even better! With these fully drivable vehicles here to make your child’s birthday an outrageously fun occasion, you will be a hit with both the kids and parents alike.

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The Setup happens to have all of those playthings mentioned above that make youngsters special days packed with amazing memories. We provide everything from ride on carousels to jumping castles, ball pits and more.

We even provide popcorn makers and ice cream bars for making delicious treats after hours of playing. We also deliver quality furniture for both parents and kids to relax on after a big day of socialising. The Setup is here to make the party production a breeze for young families – find everything you need to do so right here.

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You can also simply head to our help centre to find heaps of info about our products, delivery and pick up service.